COVID-19 Update

Emergency Spring break

March 13, 2020

Dear VACU community –

Emergency Spring break: 3/16/2020-3/28/2020

Many of you have had questions regarding campus events. At this time, the only changes announced by the university involve study abroad and university-sponsored international travel.

There remain no known cases of COVID-19 on campus, however there are now three presumptive positive cases of the disease in patients in Northern Virginia. The University leadership for Emergency Management continues to meet regarding potential impacts of COVID-19 on campus. Specifically, we are looking at potential impacts to instruction, future events and university travel following the break.

Anyone taking a personal trip over the break is reminded to follow CDC guidelines regarding restricted travel locations and, in the case of international travel, protocols and requirements for reentry into the United States. Links to those resources are available at

Over the break, please pay extra attention to the recommendations for the prevention of catching and spreading COVID-19, especially washing your hands regularly with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds, avoiding touching your face and following CDC guidelines for quarantine or self-isolation if you have traveled.

Upon your return, we expect the university to be operating under a normal class schedule.

VACU will continue to monitor this situation and inform you of any updates.

Please enjoy a safe, healthy and relaxing time.

VACU Office

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