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Complete the application for admission today! Click the Apply Now on the website front page or email us at or call us at 703-629-1281.
1) Application forms may be obtained by writing to: Virginia Christian University. 14012-F Sully field Cir., Chantilly VA, 20151. The application should be submitted as soon as possible along with the application fee of $300.00 and the other items required. The application fee is not refundable. 2) An official transcript from each of previous institutions attended by the applicant should be sent by each institution directly to the Director of Admissions. 3) At least one reference from the person who has been known the applicant more than a year. A pastor of local church or a professor of the applicant’s previous school is preferred. 4) All of the applicants are required to be interviewed by the Admissions personnel before their acceptance at VACU. After all required document have been received, the Admissions Committee will consider the applicant, and the Director of Admissions will inform the applicant of the decision.
BBS and M.Div take five years to complete.
The application fee is not refundable.
A student desiring to transfer to VACU from any other higher education institutions including colleges, universities, and Bible institutes who meets the Christian and academic requirements listed previously. The students must submit the Transfer Credit Request Form before they finished their admission procedures. Transfer students from other acceptable institutions who seek to complete their theological studies at VACU must meet the requirements set forth in the catalog. Transfer applicants will be considered for acceptance by the Admission Committee upon presentation of satisfactory transcripts from accredited college and universities. Credit may be given for courses completed in other accredited institution when the student requested transfer during their application process and such courses are comparable to those offered in this institution: 1) The grades of D or F are not transferable. 2) All transfer students for bachelor’s in biblical study degree must complete at least 48 to 90 credit hours at this University to be eligible for graduation. 3) All transfer students for M.Div. degree must complete at least 48 credit hours at this University to be eligible for graduation.
If you have additional questions, please call us and leave a message at 703-629-1281 or e-mail us at

General Information

You can contact us at 703-629-1281 or The official transcript, the enrollment letter, or graduation certificate is $10 per sheet.
Students enrolled in VACU who notify the Dean of their intention to withdraw from a course or courses, or who intend to withdraw from their program of study, may receive a refund on tuition paid for that term. The following schedule is applicable to the first and second semesters. Adjustment will be made for courses of three weeks’ duration or less only if the student withdraws from the course before the first class meeting, in which case he would receive a full refund for any tuition paid. Students who withdraw or are withdrawn from class may be entitled to partial or full tuition refund. After the University has received a student’s official drop notice the tuition refund will be returned to student’s VACU account minus any appropriate fees. Before the first day of the term, a student will receive 100% tuition and technology fee if the class is dropped. For a student terminating their enrollment in writing within the first 7 calendar days of the semester, a 100% tuition refund per course will be returned to the student. All other fees are non-refundable. For a student terminating their enrollment in writing between the 8th calendar day and the 31st day after the start of the semester, a 50% tuition refund per course will be returned the student. All other fees are non-refundable. Refunds will be made within 30 days of the student’s termination.
The tuition is $2,100 per semester. Bachelors may take up to 12 credit hours and Masters may take up to 9 credit hours.
The spring semester (16 week) begins in February and the Fall semester (16 week) begins in August.
The fulltime load for international students (F-1) should be 12 credits (4 courses) for BBS and 9 credits (3 courses) for M.Div. The maximum course load during regular semester is 18 credits for students in BBS program. If approved by the Academic Dean of VACU, a student may exceed 18 credits. For students in M.Div. program, the maximum course load during regular semester is 15 credits and may exceed with an approval of the Academic Dean.
The main campus is located at 14012-F and 14016-G Sully field Cir., Chantilly, VA 20151.

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